I’ve often lamented about the plethora of digital photos that I take that will never actually see the light of day again. Photography these days seems less about immortalising memories than about the shot lived buzz and social status of getting likes and followers that I just can’t buy into. I studied photography and used…

Design Resources

With a URL like this it’s a right party over at

GoT Tapestry

Taking clear influence from that famous one that my history teacher informed me that knowledge of would prove invaluable later in life and that depicts the battle of Hastings in 1066 this is a very impressive retelling of the GoT saga! From the site over at : Traditional tapestries tell tales of times gone by,…

How Logos Became the Most Important Quarter-Inch in Business This is a GREAT read about where we are with logos and what place they play in the modern consumer landscape. I’d make comment but the article is pretty expansive and well worth the read.

An interactive guide to cocktails

Apparently this is 77 drinks every bar person or party monster needs to know.

No News is good news

Ever wonder what a newspaper looks like when stripped back to pure layout? Well now you know. The folks over at have just made an awesome post stripping all the content out of daily papers from around the world leaving just the naked layout and design.