I’ve often lamented about the plethora of digital photos that I take that will never actually see the light of day again. Photography these days seems less about immortalising memories than about the shot lived buzz and social status of getting likes and followers that I just can’t buy into.

I studied photography and used to love not knowing how the photos came out until I had developed the film and printed off a proof sheet. Or even the child hood memories of dropping the film off at the chemist with mum and waiting 7 days before we knew if they were any good.

Recently is a new subscription service where you pay $10 a month and get a curation of your recent photos laid out in a nicely printed magazine. They describe the service :

  1. Download the app:
  2. Sign Up in the Settings Menu
  3. Tap ‘PUBLISH’ once a month *
  4. Receive a magazine in the mail

Now this all sounds great and I love the idea of getting some of my pics in the mail each month. And my initial concerns about OMG do ALL of my photos get uploaded and the someone selects them? what about that really embarrassing one of .. well you get the idea. But apparently you get to select and publish and they just make the layout for you.

So yeah.. Interesting idea which may just take off and see printed photos (photo albums) come back into fashion.