How Logos Became the Most Important Quarter-Inch in Business This is a GREAT read about where we are with logos and what place they play in the modern consumer landscape. I’d make comment but the article is pretty expansive and well worth the read.

An interactive guide to cocktails

Apparently this is 77 drinks every bar person or party monster needs to know.

No News is good news

Ever wonder what a newspaper looks like when stripped back to pure layout? Well now you know. The folks over at have just made an awesome post stripping all the content out of daily papers from around the world leaving just the naked layout and design.  

An evolution of modernism

IKEA Catalog Covers from 1951-2015 A concept completely of the modern era : mass produced, well designed furniture with both form and function in mind suitable for every house. Isn’t this what modernism is all about? From the site : “Bit of an IKEA enthusiast? We are pretty sure you would enjoy this then. With…

The future of UX

This great short film comes across like the presentation video made in the dev studios of the company who have built and designed this cool new augmented reality game. Except it’s fictional. With echoes of Minority Report, the interaction design for this concept is really nicely done. The design of the elements is beautiful, the…