Experience Design

The visual language is something that can’t really be compared to written or oral communication. I have always been interested in expressing things visually and find it much easier to explain a concept with a pen in my hand and paper near by than just using words. My approach to design has been honed over 20 years, working in experiential branding and events companies, design consultancies, advertising agencies and customer experience companies. Over this time I have developed a strategic approach that complements my experience in brand design, print & graphic design, digital & online design and web development so that the work is highly relevant and engaging where it needs to be.

The customer is always right

Experience design is an approach to interdisciplined design where the focus is not on the feasibility or viability of a solution, rather the desirability of a solution with the identified target.

It is an approach where the outcomes are driven by research and an in-depth understanding of how a desired message will reach a target customer. In identifying a specific customer, we can gain a better understanding of the way that they consume media and messages and therefore craft a message that will be hard to ignore within their world and cultural context.

What have I been doing with all of this?

This UX based approach to design and creativity has been applied in developing integrated advertising and design work with clients such as Selfridges & Co, London Underground, Mars, South Australian Tourism Commission, Schmackos, Kmart, Nando’s, Coopers and Yallumba Wines.

The work has taken the thought of “idea as a platform” and pushed the campaign creative concept into executions including touch-screen gaming, mobile apps, CRM recruitment programs, highly interactive web banners (games), User generated posters living as POS and outdoor executions.