The future of UX

This great short film comes across like the presentation video made in the dev studios of the company who have built and designed this cool new augmented reality game.

Except it’s fictional.

With echoes of Minority Report, the interaction design for this concept is really nicely done. The design of the elements is beautiful, the gesture based interaction looks really natural and it all just looks so plausible.

If we consider how far technology has come very quickly, and then think into the future, the questions asked and answered in this piece are the ones we are going to face in reality as UX  & interaction designers.

As technology becomes even more ubiquitous, working out how to capitalise on new innovations to more seamlessly integrate the technology into our lives is going to be the big challenge

The film is perhaps a cautionary tale for us… Just because we can, it doesn’t mean we should. We need to consider not only how technology comes into & shapes our lives, we must also consider how our lives and social interactions SHOULD shape the technology.